NTech can bring your dental office into the digital age.  We install digital xray sensors and software to allow you to see your xrays in seconds.  No more waiting for film to develop. We also install intra-oral cameras and software, practice management software, messaging systems (Blue Note), DVD players so patients can watch movies whlie they are worked on, and provide full network support so everyone is connected in the office. Click on the picture to find out if your computers meet the requirements for the software you want to use.

We specialize in these dental hardware and software technologies:

  • Dentrix 
  • Dexis 
  • Softdent 
  • Practice Works
  • Orthotrac
  • Kodak Dental Imaging 
  • PBSEndo




  • Kodak OMS imaging
  • Windent
  • Vixwin
  • Gendex
  • Open Dental
  • Eagle Soft