"NTech is the only IT company that I TRUST and that I’ll work with from now on. We’ve had 4 different IT companies try to fix numerous computer problems over the years, and none has adequately resolved our issues. Mr. Nelms is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but he is a man of honesty and integrity. He figured out and improved our server glitches with Dentrix, digital radiographs, Bluenote communicator, and discovered other potentially harmful security problems to our system. NTech is quick to respond to our calls, works efficiently and expediently so as to not bill us for unnecessary service hours, and provides us with an unsurpassed high level of service regardless of the situation or the time. We are so grateful for the Saturday service you provided, which allowed us to keep our Monday morning appointments and our day ran without a hiccup!  Simply the best—quality service, quality product, efficient, and my investments are always at a competitive and fair value." 

~ Kai Kawasugi, DDS - Stamm Dental

 (303) 839-5109


"Matt Nelms of NTech has been an exemplary lead dental IT professional for our network of offices along the Front Range.  Our IT infrastructure is complex due to the interconnectedness of our practices and the sharing of a rotating specialty group that necessitates two Dentrix databases on one server.  Over the last year, with Matt’s expertise, we have reached our goal of updating our servers, computers, security, ease of communication and file sharing, increasing speed and efficiency in our offices.  We were also able to retire two virtual servers that required a monthly payment in lieu of centralizing our administrative resources in our headquarters.Matt has a good sense of the priorities and communicates clearly and effectively with our employees and management.  I can relate comments from my employees and can speak from experience that Matt is viewed as part of our team and is highly valued.  Matt also lives a life that is immersed in the field of dental technology and is always up to date on best practices.  I can redirect my energies as a CEO where they need to be focused while trusting Matt’s judgement. His service is invaluable to my company."

~ Dr. Stephen Perry - CEO of Dental Health Colorado

 (303) 443-0070

"Matt Nelms with NTech has been providing our office with computer and tech support since November 2012. He is always helpful, reliable, conscientious and available to help with any issue that may arise. He has a very pleasant way of translating to us the technical part of working with our system and helping us to diagnose and solve problems. The products we have purchased from him, have been very reasonably and competitively priced. Our office is very glad to have found Matt and we are very happy to have him on our team."

~Karen Grant,  Clinic Manager - Golden Kids Dental

(303) 216-1108


“We want to express our appreciation for the exceptional recovery of our computer's data in such a short period of time. We were certain that all of our business and personal data was gone. We had already had another I.T. Professional tell us that we would have no hope of recovering this material. It was a huge relief when NTech told us that all of our data was completely recovered. We never expected such exceptional results in such a short period of time. We would like to express our thanks for the professional expertise to NTech. They handled this incident with the utmost care and dedication.  We are very pleased in making the decision to do business with NTech. We look forward to using your services in the future.”

~ Kristy Hahn with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

(720) 963-2734


"It was my good fortune when NTech walked into our dental office to tell us about their services.  I had been frustrated over the past 2 years with the companies we were doing business with.  I explained to Matt exactly what my needs were and he listened.  Not only did he do what I asked him to do, he went above and beyond my expectations, noting things about our system that needed upgraded or simply monitored or secured. He took my budget into account and went to work.  What our office gained from having Matt as our computer tech was reliability, professionalism, honesty, hard work, and a valued committment to see the projects through to the end. "

~ Carol, Office Manager - Caring Family Dentistry - Jeffrey C Moser DDS

 (303) 657-9006